Your Body is the Temple

Eight Pillars for Good Health….. N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.

Our bodies are the Temple of the Yah and there are basic pillars for the Temple to stand upright and not fall over. “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of Yah, and ye are not your own? 1 Cor. 2:16


Every cell to regenerate needs building materials to create a functioning cell.  These cells to be healthy must extract mineral and vitamins and energy from our food and water and sunlight, therefore eating clean non genetically engineered foods are vital for keeping the body alive and efficient.

Many people are eating diets that are lacking in the essential nutrition we need for good health.  Plant foods contain powerful “phytochemicals” which not only prevent cancer, but also fight it. These Plant foods must come from clean sources with no pesticides.  These foods must not be contaminated at the gene level or they will interfere with your genetic makeup. It is a must to eliminate GMO foods, and processed foods that contain neuro toxins and poisons.


Our body was designed the same as herbivores. Carnivores have claws, no skin pores and perspire through their tongue. They have sharp front teeth for tearing and no molars for grinding. Their intestinal tract is only three times their body length, so any rapidly decaying meat can pass out quickly. They have strong hydrochloric acid in their stomach to digest meat. Herbivores and humans have no claws, perspire through pores, have no sharp front teeth having molars instead. Their intestinal tract is twelve times their body length and their hydrochloric acid is twenty times weaker than meat eaters. Meat takes too long to digest and causes digestive problems.


Enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables each day – but not at the same meal. A plant based diet will dramatically reduce all degenerative diseases. Sometimes meals of fruits and nuts and seeds will suffice and sometimes simple vegetable meals centred around beans and legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds are nutritious and are satisfying to the body.  These simple foods filled with cell building nutrients are what fight disease and what builds muscles, healthy blood, and life force.


Exercise enhances memory, concentration, cognition, creativity and word fluency. It contributes to all healthy aspects of body function. Lack of exercise is a major contributor that promotes depression, tension, and anxiety. Regular exercise significantly boosts mood. One study showed that a ten minute brisk walk will yield one hour of increased energy and reduced tension.

  • It increases circulation
  • Increases oxygen intake and efficiency of the lungs
  • Normalises blood pressure
  • Increases tone of the muscles and blood vessels
  • Increases cardiac muscle tone and heart size
  • Increases haemoglobin in blood
  • Charges brain and nerve cells with electrical energy
  • Aids in prompt digestion
  • Strengthens muscles, bones and ligaments
  • Lowers cholesterol and fats in the blood
  • Burns unwanted fats
  • Balances endocrine system
  • Slows aging process
  • Promotes endorphins
  • Promotes good sleep
  • Cleanses blood stream and body

If we want good health, it is most important to have regular movement. Our bodies work well when we get out in nature and walk or work in gardens.  Over exercise is not healthy, though.  It is best to move with natural movements and especially when trying to regain health to walk as briskly as your body can take.  For some this may not be as fast as others.  But thorough movement of your body increases the lymphatic systems; so work in gardens and take hikes in the ambience of trees and flowers and sunshine.



Ever so many people are drinking processed man made drinks with processed sugars and manipulated chemical ingredients. The body does not recognize these as foods, they are toxic and overwork your digestive organs– the liver and gall bladder must remove these toxins. When the body is taking in all these toxins it becomes sick. We need to drink pure water. This is possible by using Structured Water. (If you are interested in knowing about this please contact me.)  Structured water actually puts the water back to its basic structure so that the water may enter the aqua pouring channel of each of your cells.  Other wise you become dehydrated no matter how much water you drink.  This is very important. Water has many benefits.


  • It balances nutrients, it helps in digestion to break, soften and transport food.
  • It controls body temperature through perspiration
  • It lubricates, insulates and protects
  • It gives flexibility to muscles, ligaments and joints
  • It minimises dehydration saves kidney workload
  • It reduces stress on the circulatory system
  • It improves circulation
  • It heals, cleanses and relaxes
  • It improves circulation, thus improving the immune system
  • It replenishes blood volume
  • It helps relieve constipation and excretion of wastes
  • It aids in building and repair of body tissue

Avoid town tap water that has fluoride, chlorine and other additives added. Avoid drinking with your meals as it dilutes digestive juices. Wait at least a half hour before and one and a half hours after meals. When you drink structured water or bathe in structured water you are hydrating and detoxing.  Every person is different on how much water they need.  When you eat fruits and vegetables the water you receive in the food also is used by the body.  Taking in structured water in the morning in a wave of three in the late after noon and in the evening — in waves like the ocean works with your bodies organs at the times they are coming on and working.


Most are aware of advertising urging us to keep out of the sunshine. It is true that chronic exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is associated with premature skin aging and skin cancer. However, recent studies indicate that vitamins C and E have been found to protect against skin malignancy, wrinkling, photosensitivity reactions, and immune-suppression. Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen and much healthier to use than man made chemicals which are actually know to cause the cancer they are said to be preventing. Man made sunscreens contain titanium dioxide, which can accumulate in the skin and may be carcinogenic.

The benefits of sunshine include

  • Improves alertness and mental ability
  • Decreases depression and fatigue
  • It increases oxygen content of the blood, thus increasing muscle strength and endurance
  • Decreases our resting heart beat
  • Helps set and maintain our internal body clock that regulates hormones, sleep patterns, mood and appetite.
  • A major source of vitamin D, essential to the calcium metabolism necessary for strong bones
  • It decreases certain types of cancer
  • Sunlight is helpful in treating many diseases eg TB, infection, bronchial asthma
  • It lowers blood pressure and has a cholesterol lowering effect
  • Lowers blood sugar – acts like insulin and lets glucose into cells
  • It speeds the body’s circulation which enhances the elimination of toxins
  • It stimulates immune system
  • It promotes wound healing and kills many bacteria after short exposure
  • It penetrates deep in the tissues for healing
  • Improves appetite, assimilation, elimination, and digestion
  • Chemical and toxins are eliminated 10-1000 times faster than artificial light
  • Stimulates our pineal gland

Our pineal gland is deep within our brain. This produces a hormone (metatonin) at night which modifies behaviour and thyroid function. It changes levels of seratonin and inhibits other glands in the body. The sunlight acts on our retina, supresses the sympathetic nervous system, calming, soothing, resting. Then the pineal gland is supressed during the day, to allow other glands to do their work. Dark nights and bright days help keep the hormones functioning properly. Using sunglasses diminishes this function.

To be healthy we need small exposures (about twenty to thirty minutes) in the sun each day. Of course the sun is something you need to get your body used to take it slow and increase sunshine as your body gets healthier.


Another word for self control is temperance. This can be defined as “abstaining from that which is harmful, and using wisely that which is good.” We must learn that what we do to our body temple is directly related to our belief that Yah created us to be magnificent creations.  Every day we should strive to leave behind things that hurt our creations and use things that improve our mind and body.  We are to love our creator and take care of what he has given to us.  When we do this we are in agreement with heaven.  For heaven has high standards.  If we keep those standards now we are showing our true belief that we want to please our Father.  His children keep their bodies in perfect harmony with the laws of health.


To think clearly our brain needs lots of fresh air. There are other factors which can tend to deprive the brain of adequate stores of oxygen, such as alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, sugar and a high fat diet. Poor posture and lack of exercise can also contribute to the problem. Chronic brain oxygen deprivation increases the risk of memory deficit, mental decline, and even dementia. It is healthy to have open windows in your home.


When we sleep, respiration increases. For this reason, it is important to keep windows open at night so we can breathe in fresh, vitalised air. Every organ of our body requires fresh air for optimum functioning. Our blood transports oxygen to the body tissues (provided that you’ve had enough water to keep the blood flowing freely).

We need to learn to breathe deeply. Many breathe only using the top portion of their lungs. Correct posture is essential at all times. The abdomen should expand when inhaling to fill the lower parts of the lungs. Exhale fully to allow stale air to exit. When feeling any sickness or headache coming on, go outside and take ten deep breaths, repeating three times during the day. Correct deep breathing moves the lymphatic system, which is responsible for waste elimination. Deep breathing massages the liver as well as the bowels which stimulate peristaltic movement.  Oxygen is essential to tissue health. In the absence of oxygen, cell death begins to take place. Cells deprived of oxygen are most susceptible to malignant change – cancer.


Air pollutants, smog, cigarette smoke and chemtrails are a threat to health.  the particles in chemtrails are affecting our lungs. Stove heat affects air quality. We need to get out and breathe fresh, clean air every day.

Fold back the bed covers to allow the bed to air out each day. Make beds at midday. Do not allow dust to build up in house, especially behind the bed. Keep the air around the home clean – do not allow mouldy, rotting or smelly substances to give off spores and to poison the air.


Many people complain about being sleepy during the day. Drowsy driving causes crashes. Yet many others have problems falling asleep during the night. Others find it difficult to get to bed on time. Many “burn the midnight oil”. Research has found that modest levels of sleep deprivation resulted in a 30% drop in immune function.

Then there are others who complain of being unusually fatigued. Studies have shown that going to bed early works with the earths circadium rythms and allows the body to get to R.E.M. phase of sleep. Which is needed for the stomach to produce hormones needed.  It is in sleep, primarily in the hours before midnight, that information learned during the day is transferred from the hippocampus area of the brain (short-term memory bank), to the permanent storage area of the neocortex. This deep sleep time occurs before midnight.  The body if functioning properly will properly eliminate fat at night. If you do not go to sleep at least two hours before midnight your body cannot do all the funtions it does during these dark hours.

There are essentials to establishing good sleep habits.

  • The average person needs eight to nine hours of sleep daily (for proper immune function, tissue repair, and nervous system and hormone balance)
  • Have a set bedtime and rising time, as well as for eating, exercise, study and work.
  • Go to bed early. Sleeping the hours before midnight are twice as beneficial to us as the hours after midnight. Staying up late unbalances our body clock
  • Eating late too close to bedtime inhibits the body’s night duties.

Just as the body needs a daily rest, we also need a weekly rest. And a montly rest at the new moon. Our body has a daily body clock (circadian rhythm), but it also has a weekly body clock (circaseptan rhythm). We have 7-day cycles, 28-day cycles and many more that depend on lifestyle and regularity for proper functioning.

Medical research connects rhythms with

  • Heart rate
  • Suicides
  • Natural hormones in breast milk
  • After surgery, swellings increase on the seventh and fourteenth day
  • Rejection of transplanted organs
  • Human and animal responses to treatment of cancer eg Fibrinogen, a blood clotting compound, has a seven day rhythm
  • We were created to have a weekly cycle. It is a built-in feature of our physiology. Yah commands us to remember to keep His Sabbath days holy. Yah blessed the Sabbath days, so when we keep all his Holy days holy God promised us that He will revive our bodies and minds and give us true peace at these his appointed days of refreshing.  There is a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly cycle.  (SEE our study on all the Feast Days or appointed Holy Days.)
  • During the French Revolution, a law was passed to change the weekly cycle from seven to ten days. The country publicly rejected God. Animal dropped dead, anarchy was rife. Three and a half years later this law was rescinded because France was in chaos

Another type of rest we need is true relaxation. Many think they obtain this in front of a TV. The TV is a programming device. It affects the normal function of the brain and it affects your ability to think critically because it causes the brain to be in a mesmerized state accepting what is presented as if it actually is happening. Spend time in nature, gardening, walking, sharing time with loved friends, leaving worries and cares behind.

Trust in Yah

Health depends on what is in our obedience to creation laws of health. And our minds must be in harmony with what Yah says.  Also, the thoughts we have can improve our health or cause sickness this has bee scientifically proven. The brain picks up the vibrational signal in the parasympathic nerve and tells the brain either good or bad and your brain does what it is told. When you think on Yah’s truths and purity and healing. Tell yourself you are going to get well.  Your brain will hear it and act respectively.    

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Phillipians 4:8

Anger suppresses the immune system. It is implicated in sudden stroke. It doubles the risk of heart attacks after outbursts of anger, the danger lasting for two hours after the outburst. So forgive quickly and your body will not get the harsh affects of the negative thinking.Stress, depression and guilt also depress immune system; we are prone to heart disease; we suffer memory impairment, dementia and early death. Pessimism, an unpleasant by-product of brooding over real or imaginary troubles, has a worse effect on killer “T” cells of immune system than depression.

Recent psychological research suggests that deciding to have a cheerful countenance can also create a merry heart, and generates amazing changes in the brain itself. Deliberate decisions to smile actually generate the same positive brain activity in the frontal cortex as a spontaneously happy smile. We can cheer ourselves up, as well as others around us, simply by our happy countenance.

Trust in Yah with all your heart, tell yourself all of Yah’s truths.  Ask for help from Yasha who can cure your infirmities.  Trust in Him.  Take your prayers to him when he is in the Temple interceding for you.  At the daily times of the 3rd hour and the ninth hour, on the Seventh day Sabbath,  on the New Moon Sabbath, at the three feasts of the Year which includes the Day of Atonement, when he washes away all your sin, in this systematic Way.  A New and Living Way and you will overcome sin and and uncleanness by the Blood of the Lamb.  He everliveth to intercede for you Today.  This is the blessed assurance that brings peace to the soul.  And brings healing to the mind.  This blood is how we overcome!


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Yasharon Elishabah Amezquita